About PCA

PCA honourable founder, Gary, has participated in numerous coffee competitions, as both contestant and judge. Throughout his journey, he discovered that many competitions did not provide sufficient or quality feedbacks for the contestants, causing many to be unable to identify their flaws and weaknesses and hence find it difficult to refine their skills. As a result, Gary founded PCA to facilitate more constructive and productive competing platform, allowing efficient information exchange among our valued participants

Every PCA competition consist of 3 professional judges. The judges are not allowed to have any discussion among themselves and they are required to present immediate decision to prevent unbiased judgment. On top of that, comments and explanation of the result will be provided to the contestants by the judges for beneficial assessment. Correspondingly, these feedbacks may serve as guidance toward contestants' self-improvement.

PCA has already hosted more than 50 latte art throw-down event in 13 different major cities within Mainland China and Taiwan R.O.C. Every PCA event has achieved maximum number of enrollment (64 contestants), demonstrating the success of PCA in Mainland China and Taiwan R.O.C. As latte art offer a very direct visual impression, this enable PCA to further advocate coffee culture among general public and subsequently further broaden the coffee market and bring about greater promotion for PCA sponsors.